Babiken -a good deal from China since 2006.

Based in China and partnered with some local country businesses, Babiken has been in international business, trading and manufacturing since 2006. Over the years, we have accumulated a lot of quality sources of a wide veriety of products manufactured in China. We ourselves manufacture and brand some products like smart door locks, food packaging items, pet accessories, fashion, and eco-friendly products (under the names of Babiken, Rallar or EasyDoller); Babiken also provides OEM, ODM and private lable service for certain products. Plus if you need reliable sourcing service and for whatever products you are looking for from the world manufacturing powerhouse China, Babiken is your stop to check. We value INTEGRITY, RESPONSIBILITY and ETHICS. We are recruiting country resellers or distributor partners globally. Welcome to contacting us if interested.

Rallar [Tech Products]

Rallar [Technology]

Rallar is the name for Babiken's technology products. We run or work with manufacturers and provide OEM, ODM or branding services. We cover security products like smart door locks, hotel locks, CCTV systems, certain home appliances, smart home products; and more.

EasyDoller [Fashion & Life]

Easydoller is the name for Babiken's fashion and life style products. EasyDoller covers pet care accessories and a variety of related products, home life items, outdoor life, kids and maternity products, apparels, anything that makes your life more vivid, intresting, stylish and healthy. Plus anything that is eco-friendly.