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Gadgets & Wearables

Babiken provides a wide choice of different electronic gadgets like watch cameras, recording pens or bluetooth earphones and more.

Perfect for the lazy student who doesn't want to follow the lesson or the sleepy worker who has to take notes from his conference, the recording pen can just lay on the table and listen to everything for you. Although the watch camera can sound a little bit like a spy agent gadget, it can be very useful when you make videos and want to film from an original angle, and also recommended if you want to begin a secret agent life of course...

The articles on Babiken shops are always sold at the lowest price for you, our dear customers. We supply directly from manufacturers without going through any intermediary, and buy everything at wholesale prices, which allows us to pass the percentage reduction of the wholesale purchase directly to customers and thus offer the best prices on the market. In addition, with the option of free shipping, you save even more money. It is possible to get discounts for bulk purchases of several products, so we can only advise you to ask around you if someone also desires the same product before you order!

Apart from an attractive price , quality is also an important factor for Babiken. Having a good feedback from our customers is crucial and allows to create a climate of trust and understanding between you and Babiken. All our products must pass two quality control before shipment : the first before the exit of the factory and the second in the hands of our qualified controllers just before sending. So you are sure to receive a product 200% functional !

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